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General Film Questions

Q.) What is window film? A.) Modern window film is a micro thin layer of metalized or dyed polyester that is installed on the inside of your existing windows.  Depending on the film type, it reduces varying amounts of heat, glare, and UV rays.  Almost all films will reduce at least 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays.  More reflective films are useful for daytime privacy.  Thicker, stronger versions provide safety and security. They also act as "anti graffiti" films and protect glass from scratching or acid etching. Q.) Is this the purple, bubbly stuff I see on cars? A.) Any film that contains dyes will fade with time.  The good ones just take longer.  Metalized films do not turn color, and all of our window films are guaranteed not to discolor. As for the bubbling, that would indicate film that is either very old, very cheap, or it was improperly installed. Q.) How do Solar Control Films work? A.) SunTek films reduce solar heat, glare, and UV rays by reflecting and absorbing the sun's energy. Non-reflective dyed films work primarily through absorption.  They are good for glare and fading reduction, but are the least effective for reducing heat. Reflective films are precision coated with metals. These metalized films are designed to increase the reflectivity of the glass. These films range from moderate to excellent in heat reduction. Q.) Will my windows be darker after you put the film on? Can you see the film? A.) Our most popular films maintain the naturalness and clarity of your windows. In some cases, the glare and heat of the sun requires us to install a more tinted film. However, it is always our goal to apply a film that provides you with the protection you need while impacting the view as little as possible. Q.) Do I need film on all of my windows or only those facing the sun? A.) It is recommended that all sun-facing windows be treated. If some windows receive less direct sun, we may apply a lighter film to those windows, for protection as well as uniformity.  All windows transmit UV, regardless of whether or not they face direct sun. If fading protection is the primary concern and there are delicate furnishings or artwork that need protection, then use of film is strongly suggested. Q.) What happens if I scratch the film? A.) Minor scratching generally does not require replacement of the film. However, if a deep and unsightly scratch requires special attention, generally it is necessary to replace the panel. The film can be removed and replaced quite easily without damaging the window. Q.) Will SunTek stop my furnishings from fading?  A.) Nothing completely stops fading, but SunTek reduces the major causes of fading (ultraviolet light, visible light, and solar heat), thus prolonging the life of your furnishings by as much as two to five times. Keep in mind the quality of the articles to be protected; if they have a typical life of five (5) years then they may last ten (10) years or longer depending on the performance of the film selected. However, if the typical life is only 2-3 weeks, then the expectation should be expressed in terms of months. As a general rule of thumb, ultraviolet (UV) is approximately 40% of the cause, visible light is about 25%, and heat about 25%. The remaining 10% can be attributed to humidity, pollutants, interior lights, dye stability, and other similar environmental factors. Q.) Does the Ultraviolet protection lose its effectiveness over time? A.) No, the ultraviolet (UV) protection that we use in our proprietary adhesive system is indefinite. Q.) What is the typical energy pay back for for solar control window films? A.) Simple paybacks will vary depending upon the amount of sunlit glass exposure, type of film, type of glass, cost of fuel, cost of application, and other variables. However, we regularly see paybacks in the 2-5 year range, with some occasionally shorter.  Q.) How do I clean my window film? A.) After thirty (30) days, you may clean your window film using normal household cleaning solutions, including ammonia based products: e.g., Windex, and a soft, lint-free cloth or towel. You may also use a squeegee to clean the films. Abrasive products which would scratch or damage the film should not be used.

General Installation Questions

Q.) How is SunTek window film applied? A.) SunTek is professionally applied to the inside of your glass. The first step is to prepare the window area by placing drop cloths on the floor and protecting or moving furniture where necessary. The next step is to thoroughly clean the glass and frames.  We scrape the window with a razor scraper and a simple solution of baby shampoo (or Dawn™ dish soap) and water. The window is then squeegeed dry. The film's release liner, which protects the factory-applied adhesive, is removed at this point of the process. The window is re-wet, the film is squeegeed in place and trimmed to fit the exposed glass area, leaving a very thin ( usually less than 1/16th of an inch) margin around the edge.  This margin is to allow for glass expansion.  A final pass with a professional grade squeegee gets the remaining moisture out from under the film.  Any lingering moisture evaporates out from under the film over the next 2 weeks to 45 days. When installed properly, there are no bubbles or distortion. Q.) Do I  have to move out during the installation? A.) No. Installing window film involves no odors or noxious chemicals and can be done with minimal disruption to residential or commercial customers. If you did not find the answer to your question here, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the information that you are looking for.

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